Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A wonderful refreshing drink

So there's WATER. There is Juice. There is Milk. There is Soda. and a few more but these are the basics.

My kids don't drink juice, it's considered a rare dessert around here.
Milk is is also not good for kids (or adults) (yes I know...some of you are thinking...yup she's nuts, but there are so many reasons)
Soda....well, take a guess?

Needless to say...I have gotten very creative in giving my kids something yummy besides water.

Their newest favorite...(meaning they won't let me go a day without making it) is
Seems simple...IT IS!
It is so refreshing and is SOOOO good for them.
Both of them drink it in their water bottles at school and can't get enough.

Best of all Peppermint has wonderful health benefits for our digestive systems and our immune systems! SCORE!

I buy loose leaf peppermint tea, it tastes the best in my opinion..but bags work too...I have a loose leaf tea maker, add boiling water and steep....if you make the tea really strong (by steeping it really long) you can add ice and 1/2 water to it at each serving. Store in the fridge.

I add stevia to it and it makes a wonderful sweet refreshing drink that won't mess with your childrens blood sugar levels (VERY important imo).


Thanks for the 'push'!

Wow, it's been a long here goes nothin'! I have so many fun things to share that I've learned since June. Hopefully I will be more consistant again!
Sorry to those of you who have knudged me to keep going and I haven't! THANK YOU at the same time for the push. God knows I need all the 'push' I can get! HAHA!

Since June, I have visited my Doctor in Seattle and started on a LARGE detox program. It has made me feel very up and down. I feel a little anti-social and at times very down. This is the 'crap' if I may say, that is in my body releasing and making me feel unlike me! It is slowly leaving my body...and I am seeing improvement.

I have had so much insight though, into what many people run around with and are medicated for. Our bodies today are so toxic and much of our medical world doesn't focus on making our bodies healthier, but just covering up the symptoms as much as possible through drugs. While this works many times, I can't imagine the side effects of feeling like a Zombie on Depression meds ( I did when they tried to tell me I'm depressed and gave me some) are desirable forever. I really would much rather treat the cause. Sometimes the meds are needed in our world...and at times highly nessesary. BUT our world has not educated people on helping our body heal and taking care of the cause. I have learned that so many psychological disorders are not purely psychological...treat the mineral deficiences, treat the diet, and many recover without drugs. Depression can even stem from the gut! ... incredible and question is always...WHY? When some people could make some simple (yet dedicated) changes that would change their life....why aren't we educated...well I have a thought to that too...but for now I'll leave it be.
I'm excited for the insight this journey has brought me..and forever I am grateful.....I am especially excited for my children who really get to reap the benefits of my journey, if they so choose after they leave me someday. I do believe the education and the foundation of health they receive will benefit them in ways I may never know.

I am going to continue posting some fun recipe/ideas that I've tried over the last months. There seem to be many. I'll start slow. Perhaps you'll like some.

Thanks for reading!