Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dont' judge a book by its cover...

Imagine for a minute.
Your in a waiting room full of people coming from all over the world...but these people aren't your everyday people...its a room of radiant people. People glowing. Glowing and radiant. The picture of health. As they chat with each other they sound like they have it all together.Smiling, laughing, joking...all super positive about the things most important in their, kids, God... all at the same time each internally yearning to be able to enjoy all these things to their fullest again. Each sharing how hard this journey is and the hope they have in the drs they are about to see. People from the outside would think every one of these patients are perfectly healthy and have it 'all together'. This includes your every day Drs, parents, friends, family, co-workers. And inside every one of these patients is suffering with symptoms and feelings that burden their every day life, some in wheelchairs because they aren't able to even walk. Most having fatigue and the most scary symptoms undescribable. Most feeling like their bodies are going crazy. Don't judge a patient by their outside.
I get the pleasure of being in this waiting room. It's a true pleasure because I have met some of the strongest, smartest, courageous, loving, compassionate and joyful people I have ever met in this waiting room. Finally we are all in a Dr's office where they don't just tell us to sleep more or stress less because they don't understand this disease. Or 'its all in your head, honey...go home and relax.' These words when we think of them bring so much pain to our soul because all along we have known something is just not right. Yes we rejoice because finally we sit amongst others who get it...and have been told 'you look great', how can you feel sick?
Someday friends, the world will shift in a way that many that are suffering and don't know why, will finally be educated about what a toxic body: heavy metals, viruses, molds, parasites including Lyme's disease can do in our bodies. Until that day I will educate myself, take care of myself and my family, get well and pray that the U.S. will someday become a place of healthy vibrant people, feeling well because their bodies are well, not just because a drug that makes them 'feel' well until it runs out and they must pop another. Unfortunately most often these habits turn into worse toxic bodies in the end resulting in diseases later in life, unexpected, such as cancer. Soon, too many people will be suffering and drugs won't work to make people feel better anymore and people will look to the 'cause' of disease. My disclaimer here is that I am not anti-drug...I am on 4 drugs right now but only to KILL what doesn't belong in my body...they have a place. But only when they are used as tools. Not to cover up and be taken forever.
Toxic bodies. I can't wait until we hear on mainstream news about why people are so sick. Not every other commercial being a drug commercial on how to cover up symptoms by having side effects a mile long. What about educating people on what to do to hold on to their health when they have it? Ah...we have a long way. Not sure if it will ever come. There isn't much money in health.
Lyme's disease is a hard battle. It's my battle. I'm blessed to be able to suffer through it. It has changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. And NOW I will fight against it...100+ pills a day, shots, some drugs, coffee enemas, iv's, detox detox detox...someone tell me this doesn't sound exciting? LOL..honestly, it sucks. Feeling like I'm in the world but not of it. It's unreal. And for now the treatment is going to be brutal. BUT in my heart I shout for joy because I am taking care of this beautiful body my God has blessed me with. I finally VALUE and TREASURE this body. The bible says that my body is my beautiful. I've come to realize that you must take care of a temple and our world promotes the opposite. Food(a spiritual battle in itself), everyday toxins, spiritual warfare...we have to be in battle against these things and shield our Temples.
And everyone must carry their cross. It's heavy. It hurts. But it's my job and the JOY found in PAIN is the most beautiful JOY I've ever met! And.... I've been so blessed by the people I've met in the waiting room. Thanks to all who try to understand. I love you.


  1. Wow, your thoughts are so beautifully written! What a road you are walking right now! Praying for wisdom and most of all, complete healing! BLESSINGS!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Mel, you're such a wonderful example of someone who is choosing to see the positive out of the negative. This post was very inspiring. Hugs!