Friday, June 18, 2010

My yummy lunch

I try to do as little carbs as possible. It's not so easy when we eat out so I try my best to eat this way when we're home. When the warm white rolls at a restaurant are staring you in the face it's VERY tempting. So for the most part we don't eat out, it's much cheaper, much healthier and it makes the times we do super special and fun for us! You should see the kids excitement when we say we're going out! I have a feeling our overindulging of Restaurants in our today times is also not such a good thing besides just because of the food.
I use the 80/20 rule in our home. 80% we eat 'clean'..unprocessed, organic food and 20% is left for eating out and birthday parties (which seem to be ALL the time since my kids are school age now, LOL)
I have heard friends say things like 'I only live once, why care?' and 'It's FDA approved and recommended, its gotta be fine for us'.
Well, I don't agree. Maybe at one point I'll know how to organize my thousands of thoughts to share 'why' through this blog. :-)

My recipes and dishes have to be simple otherwise I won't cook. That's just me. If you are looking for some wonderful creative, thousand ingredient recipes, you won't find them here either... Believe it or not Healthy and Quick can be used in the same sentence, PROMISE! We don't use boxed foods..Everything I share will be simple...very very simple and AFFORDABLE! :-)

Here is a delicious dish I made up in less than 7 minutes today!

Two handfuls of frozen organic greenbeans in a pan with Extra virgin olive oil and a half cup or so of water...(COSTCO has AWESOME FROZEN ORGANIC green beans..great price!) Let the green beans steam until they are soft and'll want to use a wooden spoon or something and toss them a little. Add either powdered garlic or cloved garlic (I've done both) and Salt (USE SEA SALT! IMO the best salt is Himalayan Salt (Sprouts carries it). Add chopped From the Vine Tomatoes (Costco has them, they are Pesticide free and taste so yummy!)
Add a couple slices (I just rip it into little pieces with my hands) Chicken or Turkey deli meat(NITRATE free, Trader Joes and Sprouts)
Add Mozzarella Cheese (Costco has a huge bag of hormone free mozzarella cheese)
to your liking, put the lid on until it melts...
There ya have it...
It's so yummy and SO healthy. And just about 2-3 servings of Vegi's.
PS: If you aren't to the STEP yet where you are ready to change your vegis to Organic, or your Salt to Sea Salt...then BE where YOU are. And that is PERFECT. SMALL STEPS.
Have a peaceful day!


  1. Going out to get green bean now :)

  2. Me too! I read this to my girlfriends at the pool today! I love how you tells us WHERE to get things! I'm NOT a cook and yet I really feel excited about making green beans tomorrow night! Thanks for the baby steps Melanie!

  3. Trying this tonight! Thanks so much! =)