Thursday, June 17, 2010

STEVIA ideas

I received a bunch of questions since the last post about calls, emails and facebook posts, I'm thrilled to share these ideas with you! It feels so good to help you all take some 'Small Steps'. Only through small steps can we make big LASTING changes to our lives. THANK YOU for showing enthusiasm for my blog. It means a ton!

Here are some of the Q&A regarding my Stevia (Healthy Soda) post below

Is Stevia healthy for you?
Stevia has been around for ages...many tests have been done to make sure it is healthy for human consumption. From the studies I've read, never has anyone had adverse effects. Its like drinking herbal teas.
Stevia does not effect your blood sugar levels. NICE! Sugar (in most all forms glucose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, invert sugar, white sugar, even honey and Agave (newly studied) raise insulin levels way too high for our bodies to stay healthy. If you are interested in this, please google Insulin Resistance Causes, Symptoms. Most of us on the typical American diet have Insulin Resistance. Anyone use stimulants like coffee to 'wake up', crave sugar for a temporary energy boost only to need more a few hours later? This is a huge indicator! Insulin Resistance if it continues can develop into Diabetes. Our society is becoming more Diabetic all the time. If this article I recently read is correct, it is predicted that 1 in 4 children will have Type 2 diabetes in the next decade. CRAZY! This is highly preventable! Its our sugar laden diets (high carbs included) and the beginning of this problem starts with Insulin Resistance. Friends, this is a huge deal...and can help your family with SMALL STEPS.

Can I buy Stevia in bulk to get it cheaper?
I haven't found it yet. AND I really wish they made the bottles with flavors in smaller so we could try them all before committing to buying such a big bottle. Maybe soon!
GOOD NEWS though. SPROUTS will take it back if you don't like it!!! Keep your receipt and don't use half the bottle and return it! HAHA..They are soooo good about returns! They are about 11.00 a bottle. This might sound like a lot but it is soooo cheap! Its an initial investment that last 4 months or so in our cupboard and we use it all the time. Its VERY concentrated, you only need an average of 5 drops in 12 oz or so...depending on how sweet you like it.

What else do you use Stevia for?
I use Stevia a lot. I love sweet. Who doesn't? Thats why we are addicted to sugar right? Yup. The darn cravings.

Here are some ideas:
Everyone has to have 'feel good' addictions..things we look forward to daily to make us "HAPPY". LOL I know you understand.

Iced Green Tea from AJS- (already made behind the pastry case, yup you have to resist the pastry temptation- hehe) I go there all the time and take my bottle of Stevia in my purse and make SWEET tea...I love it and it hits the spot!
AJs also has a tea called HIBISCUS RASBERRY HERBAL TEA, it is made by China Mist and it is already sweetend with STEVIA LEAVES! When I first saw it at AJS, they told me it was sweetend with Stevia, I was in total I researched it on the China Mist website...sure enough its really STEVIA! AWESOME!! We have hope! LOL!

Yogurt- I buy PLAIN Greek Yogurt (make sure it is cultured). I add plain Stevia, some blueberries or other fruits and some sunflower seeds. DELISH! If you aren't into the Sunflower seeds...leave em off. The point is I am eating sweet yogurt without the TON of sugar most yogurts have in them!

There are many other things I use it for....think through what all you add sugar to...if you need help on how much or other thoughts regarding consistancy...ask...I will share my experience with you!

Regarding the HEALTHY SODA! You can use CLUB SODA...its much cheaper if you like.
Also, HINT HINT....most soda machines at restaurants have SODA WATER as a little lever on the machine...ask for a water cup, bring your favorite stevia flavor and there you have SODA for your kids (and you!) while dining out. It's cheaper too! Many restaurants also carry Perrier, Pellegrino now...even Starbucks (oh and they have wonderful iced green tea too! Ask for it unsweetened and add your stevia)

God bless your journey... Remember Small Steps can make a HUGE difference.
With love I write....

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