Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here is one of my absolute favorite new findings!

You know by now that I am always on a mission to use and consume non-toxic products. Some things I have no control over or its just too difficult or expensive currently, but some other thing like these are incredibly doable, affordable and LOVEABLE!

I have given up on perfume many years ago because I started learning about HOW toxic all the perfumes are we use! Here is a paragraph from another website regarding perfume (and no they weren't selling anything, just educating, ps: that's most often how I ultimately give 'credit' to info on a website...what is their motive?)

Many of the chemicals in perfume are the same chemicals in cigarette smoke, and yet there is no regulation of the fragrance industry. Many people are "bothered" by perfumes - developing headaches, sinus problems, and even asthma from exposures. Many have gotten sick or even disabled from wearing (or being exposed to) fragrances and using other scented products. And fragrances are now used in almost every cleaning, laundry, and personal-care product on the market! These chemicals go directly into the bloodstream when applied to our skin and are also absorbed into the skin from our clothing. We also inhale the chemical fumes, which then go straight to our brains where they can do major harm. Many even have a "narcotic" effect, which is why some people seem "addicted" to their perfumes

I have found a brand that is TOTALLY NON-TOXIC and it won't contribute to toxic build up for you and your loved ones!

The website is:

You can read her story and all about her products...she makes tons of scents in candles, lotions and many other yummy things!! I found the perfume at Whole Foods where you can try the many fragrances, and you can order it online on her site (and I saw it on Amazon too)! It was $22.00 in the store....a steal I must say..but of course it doesn't say 'Dior'...but I'm ok with that, my husband thinks I smell fabulous.... I hope you like it as much as I do!


  1. I love this company, and have sampled some of their products. Another option is to buy a bottle of your favorite essential oil, or essential oil blend and then you can add it to your own lotion, conditioner, liquid soap, bathwater, spray bottle with water, or just dab some on as perfume. Essential oils range in price depending on the oil, but some of my favorites are lavender and lemongrass and they aren't too expensive. you can get small bottles at sprouts, and even the smallest bottles last a long time because a little goes a very long way!

    Just wanted to make this suggestion for people who love good smellin' stuff, but don't like chemicals! keep it coming!

    Love- Karis

  2. Thanks Karis for the idea!! I love doing that as well. FYI for those of you who will try this, the key is to remember just because a lotion, or other product is unscented it is NOT chemical free. You must look at the ingredients to determine that.
    The SCENT, FRAGRANCE, is sometimes a chemical and sometimes an essential oil. AND if you look in the grocery isle you will find lotions that say essential oil fragrance or scent but be full of chemicals because of the base lotion they use. SO make sure you get a chemical free product (lotion, shampoo etc) and then add those favorite essential oils....and you can mix some favorite too to get some delicious scents! Have fun!